Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter Morning!!!!

It is a tradition to have an easter egg hunt... but in our family we have a two ...one for the children and one for the adults.

Our eggs have money inside!!!

After the Hunt we count up our winnings and eat the candy and just relax.

Moab March

Jason and Kota went down to Moab for a weekend with some of Jason's cousins.  They camped at the Oasis Riverside campground that features tent sites and mini-cabins for rent.

Inside one of the cabins they play Ticket to Ride while they wait.

On the trail with Jason looking "hardcore" in the rearview mirror.

Will, Hayden, Kota and Connor relaxing on some of the red rocks.

Kota, splitting the Wedge.

Jason, Paul and Mandy... too tired of waiting.  :-)

President's Day in Idaho

My employer's have a cabin in Island Park, Idaho and invited us up with them for the President's Day weekend.  As soon as we got there Jason and Kota found this bedroom and just had to take pictures.  I think they turned out great!

The snow in the back yard was about three feet deep but that didn't stop us from playing on the swingset... once we carved a path so we could actually swing.

Jason thought it would be funny to whitewash me.... I think it backfired.  He got more snow on him then on me.  :-)

Kota learned how to snowmobile and was able to go on a few trails that weekend.

This is on one of the trails that just the boys went on.... I think they stopped to have a little fun....

Right before we left the cabin, Jason and Kota each built a snowman. This is Kota's, he placed it right in the middle of the driveway so everyone could see it.

We had so much fun on this little vacation.  Thanks Scott and Hillary!!!!

December 2010

December was a great month.... Basketball season started at the high school.

We helped my sister and brother in law build a playhouse for the girls.

Jason and Kota were working really hard... can't you tell?  :-)

Christmas was held at our house for Jason's family..... Kota was spoiled :-D