Sunday, December 5, 2010


I love to read.... I am really into Young Adult, Paranormal and ChickLit.  I love being able to come home from a busy day at work, pick up a good book and escape into the world that the author has created.  My mom just recently started a new blog and she mentions what she is currently reading and I think it is a great way of telling others about it.  Also, I have found a great website for keeping track of every book we have read.  This website allows you to mark which books you have read, and you can also catagorize them by placing them in bookshelves.... I can also write a review and share it with others as well as read reviews from other members. 

What I am Reading:  Matched by Ally Condie
And:  I loved this book!!!  This takes place in a world where people are told exactly how their lives are to take place.  There is a curfew, you are told what job you will have and you are told who you will be matched with for the reast of your life.    Can everything really be that perfect?  What if there is a flaw in the system?  This story addresses just that...  Cassie is the heroine and during her matching she sees two faces flash on the screen, and she knows them both.  I loved this story and found it hard to to put the book down so I could go to sleep.  This is a first book in a series and I can't wait to find out where this journey is going to lead....  Of course if you want more information you are really going to have to read the book.  :-) 

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