Sunday, December 5, 2010

October 2010

Wow... I am two months behind!!  Ok, so out our house October is always all about Halloween.  This is Jason's favorite holiday and for good reason... I mean you get to dress up as anyone you want, go to parties with friends and eat candy!!!  Kota hasn't celebrated Halloween so that was really fun for us.  I held a family friendly party at our house and a ton of people came.  I was so much fun!!!  Here is a quick look at what we did:

Kota and Jason found some great masks at Walmart... They look so funny!

These Pictures are from the Halloween party we had at our house.

Bret, Deanna and their girls.

Heidi Daniel and her family

Me, Jason and Kota

Mom and Dad

Jen and Aaron

Lisa with her family

Lori and her family

Michael and his wife

Paul and Mandy

Will and Debbie

Russ, Jocelyn and their children
All of the Star Wars Costumes

Scott, Hillary and their children

Kota carving his first pumkin

Having fun....

Jason and I at the party... I need a bigger house next year :-)

Our Jack - O - Lanterns

Jason and Kota while handing out candy on Halloween

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