Monday, October 11, 2010

Meeting Kota

  Jason and I officially became parents.... of a 16 year old son from Japan. No he isn't legally ours but he will be a part of our household until 2011.  We signed up and became host parents through the EF Foundation.  Kota came into America in July and got to go to a three week Culture and Language Camp in Seattle before flying to Utah in August.

  We went to the airport with my parents, Deanna and my neices to pick up Kota.  The weekend before we had made welcome signs and the little girls were excited to hold them and wait for Kota to come down the escalator.
Sign was made for Kota by Bret.

The Welcome sign, made by Deanna

Jason's Welcome sign

There he is in the red hoodie!!!

First time we got to talk face to face, before we had just been exchanging emails.

Meeting Grandma

Meeting Grandpa
  Once we said our hello's we went out to the parking garage and it was present time!!  It was fun deciding when types of things we could give Kota that would not only represent us as a family but also show a little bit of our culture.

Jason and I got him a Coke a Cola tin filled with our favorite candies, things you can't find in Japan

Mom and Dad gave him an iTunes gift card to load up his iPod

Deanna and Bret gave him a Real Salt Lake t-shirt so he will be ready to go to a game.

Once the gifts were handed out we got in the car and headed home.  Jason and I had just finished our loft area with hardwood floors and turned it into an exercise room/guitar room.  Plus we finished Kota's room.  Personally I love his room!!!

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