Monday, October 11, 2010

New Blog...

 So, back in 2008 I started a blog and had a whole two posts.  I tried to sign in today and couldn't remember my sign-in information so I thought why not start a new blog.  And since no one stopped me here it is.  Woo Hoo!!!   
 Hopefully this time I will post more than twice!  :-)

  Lets start off with a little information, My name is Lynnea and currently I am 29 and I work as an Escrow Officer.  Jason just turned 30 and he is working as a Plumber.  We have two dogs, Conan and Luci, as well as two cats, Lister and Rin. 
  Right now we have an awsome "son" from Japan living with us.  He will be here with us until the middle of 2011.  We have been able to do so many things with him and I think that I am going to try and catch you up from August to now....

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  1. hey darlin', love the blog- didn't know you had one! :) but ugh, you spelled your name wrong here. thought I'd let you know.