Thursday, October 28, 2010

Catching you up on September 2010

September was a very fun month.  We went to Lagoon on Labor Day.  I thought that it would be more packed with people than it was.  At first we played some of the carnival games and Kota won the huge toy and Jason won the wolf toy for me at the darts table.

Toward the end of the day I decided that everyone needed to get their faces painted.  I went with the half face butterfly while Jason and Kota went with the full face designs.  Kota is a Tiger and Jason is a Panda.

When I said eveyone I ment everyone... My mom and Dad picked out designs.  I think Dad's design is awesome cause he does pest control...  hehe   Mom's was the prettiest design out of everyone.

Deanna had a pink flamingo on her cheek and Bret had the logo from his shirt painted on his cheek.  USA Soccer.  Both of the girls were heart princess'.  They turned out so cute!!

Taelia and Karmindi had me take so many pictures of them hugging eachother... This is just one of many.

 After the face painting stop the guys and I decided to go and ride Rattlesnake Rapids.  Not the smartest idea:

We got Soaked!!!

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